A mesmerizing experience of Goechala


One of Sikkim’s most well-known and magnificent hikes, the Goechala Trek ascends to a height of 4570 m. It provides a vast panorama of many spectacular summits, including Kanchenjunga, the third-highest peak in the world. As a result, it is often referred to as the Kanchenjunga View Trek. The fact that an adventure lover feels enlightened after doing this has a lot to do with it.


The journey passes through picturesque and tranquil landscapes, meadows, rhododendron trees, and distinctive Himalayan flora and fauna. The draw that draws people to be here on this expedition is this place’s a genuine beauty. The finest aspect of this journey is that the gorgeous scenery and sights begin as soon as you arrive at Bagdogra’s Darjeeling Airport.

This walk passes through a variety of beautiful landscapes, including Darjeeling, Yuksom, Bakim, Dzongri, Samiti Lake, and Gangtok. In the months of April, October, and November, this view appears much clearer and better. There are fewer foggy days and more clear days throughout these months.

The Beginning of Trek

  • When you get to Bagdogra, where this humorous journey begins, the trek officially begins.
  • There are renowned tea gardens in this area that you can visit to enjoy the scenery and sample various teas.
  • In addition to tea, this location is well-known for its toy railway, which UNESCO has inscribed as a World Heritage Site.
  • Many lovely locations may be found here, like the Tiger Hill Sunrise, and Ghoom Monastery.
  • Zoological Park, Japanese Temple, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute.
  • The following day will be a lovely drive through several tea estates.
  • That will lead to our trailhead, Yuksom in Sikkim, after spending a pleasant leisure day in Darjeeling and the surrounding areas.
  • The trek leader will give a briefing on the hike and the timetable after you arrive and check into guest accommodation.
  • You can count on a few things about this expedition to be novel and intriguing for you.
  • Yes, because yaks thrive at this height and on uneven terrain.
  • You will reach Bakim after receiving everyone’s hiking permits at the Kanchenjunga National Park Check Post.
  • You travel through a lovely, lush forest and a few water streams.
  • The Shikhar crew will spend the night in pre-set tents at the forest bungalow.


The following two-day journey will undoubtedly become one of your favorites because it will take you through beautiful rhododendron woodland. There will be a little uphill but clearly signposted path with a variety of other burgeoning Himalayan fauna. But during the monsoon, this journey should be avoided because the dirt and water make it difficult to travel. These days, Phedang will be the first place covered by the trip, followed by Dzongri, where pre-erected Shikhar tents will be available for the night’s accommodation.

Plans for the trek

Early morning plans should be made for Dzongri because the Dzongri Pass, at 4050 meters, offers the best views of the entire trek. From here, you can see many well-known peaks in the area, including Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Pandim, Mt. Kabru, Mt. Rathong, and others. The trail will now descend steeply till it reaches Thansing after this magnificent sight. We will spend the night in tents here, and the following day, we will set off on foot towards Lamuney, the last camp before Goecha La.

  • The majority of the peaks in this area are revered.
  • Inhabitants are encouraged to preserve them by keeping them clean and reserving their natural beauty.
  • And for that reason, no camping is permitted anywhere after Lamuney.
  • There is no need to camp further because the trip from Lamuney to Goecha La only takes about 4-5 hours.
  • However, since you’ll arrive at Lamuney in just a few hours on this day and have the whole day to yourself.
  • The party might make plans to climb to the most well-known and stunning Samiti Lake.
  • You can have some time to unwind at the campsite before embarking on a one-hour hike.
  • Observe the glistening water encircled by breathtaking Himalayan peaks.

View after Sunrise

As the sunrise on Mount Kanchenjunga cannot be missed, the final trek to the summit, Goecha La at 4570 m, should begin in the dark, possibly at 2 am. This morning exudes a calmness that originates in our inner selves. Now is the period when people truly connect with nature. The group will travel back to Lamuney while exploring the local landscapes after this stunning enthralling experience.

As the sunrise on Mount Kanchenjunga cannot be missed, the final trek to the summit, Goecha La at 4570 m, should begin in the dark, possibly at 2 am. This morning exudes a calmness that originates in our inner selves.


Now that we are returning to Yuksom, we will be camping at new locations this time. For example, after passing through Thansing, there is a place called Kokchurang where we will set up tents by the river for the night. The next day, while touring the same Rhododendron forest, an overnight stay will be provided in the village of Tsoka.

When you arrive here in the afternoon, you can unwind in the tents that the Shikhar team has set up or explore this tiny Tibetan community. The last downhill walk will then take place the following day to Yuksom, where you will spend one more night in a hotel before making the long drive to Bagdogra Airport for your final departure.

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