Pete Davidson's net worth

Pete Davidson’s net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million
Date of Birth: Nov 16, 1993 (28 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Actor, Comedian, Stand-up comedian
Nationality: United States of America

Pete Davidson’s net worth

He is a highly successful comedian in the United States. Pete Davidson’s net worth is $8 million. His work as a featured comedian on “Saturday Night Live” has perhaps brought him the most attention. He held the record for being the youngest cast member. In addition, he is well-known for having romantic relationships with many famous women. Of those one is the most noteworthy of which is Ariana Grande.

In the Very First Moment

Pete Michael Davidson was born in Staten Island on November 16, 1993. Davidson’s full name is Pete Michael Davidson. His parents are Amy Davidson and Scott Matthew Davidson. He is their son and namesake. His younger sister’s name is Casey, and her name is Casey.
When Pete’s father went suddenly on September 11, 2001, Pete was only seven years old at the time. The last time anyone saw his father, who worked as a firefighter in New York City, he rushed into the Marriott Trade Center only a few moments before it collapsed.

Davidson was perceived as a highly terrible experience, directly resulting from his reaction to the loss. He was perpetually getting himself into bothersome situations. Later, he stated that he had struggled with suicidal thoughts and that the music of Kid Cudi kept him from ending his own life during that time. He said that the music had kept him from killing himself. In 2012, Pete graduated from Xaverian High School and immediately enrolled in classes at St. Francis College after receiving his diploma. On the other hand, he decided to pursue a career in comedy and left school after only one semester.


Davidson gave his first standup comedy performance at the age of 16, and it took place in a bowling alley in the borough of Staten Island. His first role in front of the camera was in the animated series Philosophy, produced by MTV and broadcast on the network. After that, he appeared on several different reality shows.

He was allowed to perform his first televised standup routine on Gotham Comedy Live, a show that airs on Comedy Central and showcases new and upcoming comedians. Following that, he continued to make appearances on various reality shows. After that, he made multiple appearances as a standup comedian and even made a guest appearance on an episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” before being cast on “Saturday Night Live.” Because of his friendship with Bill Hader, whom he had met while filming a small role in the comedy “Trainwreck” in 2015, he had been allowed to audition for the position.

Appearance on seasonal websites

His first ever appearance was on the season 40 premiere of Saturday Night Live. In which he aired on September 27, 2014. Pete was the first cast member to have been born in the 1990s. At the age of 20, he was also one of the youngest cast members. He was making him one of the youngest cast members in the program’s history. He was also the first cast member born in the 1990s. Davidson is often lauded for being accessible to audiences and for criticizing sensitive and taboo issues, even subjects perilously near his own life and emotions, like the attacks of 9/11.

Critics praised his performance in his first season, and critics have also praised his performances in succeeding seasons. When the 44th season of Saturday Night Live came to a close, the critics from the Washington Post hailed Davidson as the show’s breakout star and the performer who had left the most lasting impression during that season. Davidson had also been called the performer who left the most lasting impression during the previous season. Pete Davidson’s net worth is high.

In April 2016, Davidson filmed his first standup special for Comedy Central, and the show didn’t premiere until much later that same year. Pete Davidson announced in January 2019 that he would co-headline a limited series of comedic shows with John Mulaney under the moniker “Sundays with Pete & John.”

The yearly compensation that Pete Davidson receives from his work on Saturday Night Live
Assuming Pete appears on at least one of Saturday Night Live’s 21 episodes each year, our best guess as to how much money he makes from the show each year is around USD 315,000. The cast members that make the most money receive a salary of $25,000 per episode, which equates to roughly $500,000 per year in total compensation.

Personal Life

Pete dated comedian Carly Aquilino between the years 2014 and 2015, and he dated Cazzie David between the years 2016 and 2018. Cazzie David is currently his girlfriend. He knew engaged to Ariana Grande over the summer of 2018. The couple ultimately decided to break off their engagement towards the end of the following year. In addition, there were whispers that he had been romantical. They were involved with the actress Kate Beckinsale for some time.

He was clean for the first time in eight years. He would not be able to function on SNL without it. Later on, he made it evident in an interview with Marc Maron on a podcast that he did. Davidson still use marijuana occasionally. But much less frequently than he had in the past. However, he did make it clear that he still used marijuana on occasion.

He was an outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton and a fan of hers throughout her campaign for the presidency in 2016.  She ran as a Democrat. He was such a zealous supporter of Clinton that he even got a tattoo of the former president on his leg. Pete has more than 40 tattoos, one of which is a reproduction of the firefighter’s emblem that his father wore on his uniform. This tattoo has located on Pete’s left arm.

Following Davidson’s post on Instagram on December 15, 2018. In which he raised the alarm among his followers, friends, and ex-fiancee Grande, the New York Police Department conducted a wellness check on Davidson. In the post, Davidson expressed suicidal thoughts and raised the alarm among his friends and followers. He had found it safe and sound in the studios of Saturday Night Live. His only appearance on the show that evening was to act as an introduction for a musical performance. In late 2021 Pete began dating Kim Kardashian.

Real Estate

  • In 2016, Pete presented his mother with a home he had acquired in Staten Island, New York, for $1.3 million.
  • In December 2020, Pete purchased an apartment for himself. It had a view of the water and a price tag of $1.2 million. It’s all because of Pete Davidson’s net worth which is $8 million.


Peter Michael Davidson is a humorous actor and comedian born in the United States on November 16, 1993. He is most known for his work in comedy roles. He was a cast member on the NBC late-night sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live (SNL). In he ran for eight seasons, beginning in 2014. He was continuing until 2022. In short, Pete Davidson’s net worth is $8 million.


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