Machine Gun Kelly's net worth

Machine Gun Kelly’s net worth

Net Worth$25 Million
Date of BirthApr 22, 1990 (32 years old)
Height6 ft 3 in (1.92 m)
NationalityUnited States of America

What is Machine Gun Kelly’s net worth

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), whose real name is Colson Baker. His date of birth is on April 22, 1990. Machine Gun is a professional name used as an American rapper, singer, musician, and actor. Machine Gun Kelly’s net worth is $25 million. He is well-known for his ability to compose songs. He combines songs along with rock with modern and alternative forms of hip hop. Machine Gun is a performer, lyricist, rapper, and musician, among other things. His alternate name is known as MGK. 

Initial Years

When the Baker family moved to Denver, they stayed with MGK’s aunt. Even though they had each other, the father and son were unable to stake a claim to very much else. The young MC split his time between wearing two different school uniforms. They had tormented by children from the neighborhood as his father struggled with depression and unemployment.

According to MGK, “I used to stand out due to my height and the fact that I wasn’t very good at fighting back then.” “When I finally grew sick of being punched in the face, I started battling them with my words instead.” After watching DMX’s music video for “We Right Here” in the seventh grade, MGK found comfort in rhyming. According to MGK, “DMX is a tremendous impact on me because neither one of us has siblings, nor hence we had to tackle a lot of dark things by ourselves.”


Even though he “wasn’t popular at all,” the lanky child was quite skilled at competing against his opponents in middle school. Later on, while MGK was still a student at Thomas Jefferson High School in Denver, his father relocated to Kuwait to work for the army. His father abandoned MGK and forced him to live in the basement of a neighbor. It was at this time that the young man made his first demo tape and started experimenting with different drugs. “It was bad, but I thought it was cool,” MGK adds with a smile.

Because he was unsupervised, MGK stopped going to school, and similar to 50 Cent, who was a freshman in high school at the time, he built a name for himself by embarrassing older students. In 2005, his father relocated MGK to Kuwait, which led to the adolescent getting into even more mischief in the new country. $25 million is Machine Gun Kelly’s net worth.

The two were eventually deported back to the United States and found work in Cleveland, which is located in the state of Ohio. When MGK was a student at Shaker Heights High School, located on the east side of the city, he managed to persuade the owner of a nearby t-shirt shop, who also served as the manager of an MC, to mentor him.

Live Gig at the age of 15

MGK had stated that he was given the moniker “Machine Gun Kelly” because of his rapid-fire delivery when he first began performing live gigs at the age of 15. The MC, whose followers have given him the moniker MGK, distributed his first mixtape, Stamp of Approval, in the year 2006 and created a local fan base by performing at Cleveland venues such as Hi-Fi.

However, in 2009, he made his debut at the legendary Apollo Theater in New York City, which was the turning point in his career. Recalling the experience, MGK says, “We drove from Ohio and waited in line for ten hours.” “As soon as I arrived on the Apollo stage, the audience began to boo me, but I went on to win… twice.”

The dynamic performer won Apollo’s talent contest, making him the first rapper in the history of the competition. MGK’s mixtape, 100 Words and Running, was released not long afterward, and he quickly established a high school promotional tour.

During this tour, he performed in front of crowds that were so enthusiastic that school security teams began excluding him from the venues to maintain order. And although the MC’s tagline “Lace up,” which began as an interlude on a mixtape, became a call to arms for fans, the leader of the group was still working at Chipotle to pay the rent.


As a result, he soon received a nomination for Best Midwest Artist at the 2010 Underground Music Awards, and the music video for his song “Alice in Wonderland” won the award for Best Music Video at the 2010 Ohio Hip-Hop Awards. MGK, however, experienced a severe setback just as his career was beginning to grow.

Due to a polyp that formed on his vocal cord, he was unable to perform publicly or record for the better part of a year. Because MGK did not have health insurance to cover surgery, he got rid of the polyp on his own by performing vocal exercises over and over again.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Wife

After first meeting each other while working on the movie Midnight in the Switchgrass in May 2020, he has been dating the actress Megan Fox ever since that month.


In these challenging times, endorsements and sponsorship are two important ways for celebrities to make money. Machine Gun Kelly has secured swanky partnerships with Reebok and Young & Reckless. MGK recommended the Reebok Club C sneaker, which, frankly, I will purchase immediately:

Real Estate

  • In 2020, MGK began renting a newly-constructed Sherman Oaks, California, home. The monthly rent was $30,000 per month.
  • In April 2022, Machine Gun Kelly paid $7,500,000 for the former Encino, California home of Logan Paul. Logan purchased the house for $6.55 million in October 2017 and sought $8.5 million when he placed it for sale.
  • Paul refurbished the 14-room, 30,000-square-foot mansion soon after acquiring it in 2017.


Machine Gun Lace Up was Kelly’s first studio album after he began his career by releasing mixtapes. His popularity skyrocketed so quickly that he eventually signed a record deal with Bad Boy Records and released the album.

After that, he completely lost it. Since then, MGK has distributed four studio albums, including General Admission, Bloom, Hote Diablo, and Tickets to My Downfall. They have just published their sixth studio album, titled Mainstream Sellout.

Quit music

Machine Gun Kelly has quit rock music for now.

  • “I’m going to rap. No other reason, no chip on my shoulder, “Interviewee MGK remarked. “If I keep trying to prove myself, I’ll drive myself crazy and make a bad product.”
  • “I wanted to make Tickets and Mainstream Sellout,” he said. He later said he’s “I’m going to tour and develop on my narrative. He is working as a rapper and discover a new sound for Machine Gun Kelly. As a music archaeologist, that’s where I’m excited.”
  •  Slipknot fans who booed him louder than Life can relax.


Machine Gun Kelly’s net worth is $25 million. He is a well know American citizen and rapper. Throughout his career, Baker has become one of the most distinctive and well-known Hip-Hop musicians in the music industry today.

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