Lil Nas X's net worth

Lil Nas X’s net worth

Net Worth: $7 Million
Date of Birth: Apr 9, 1999 (23 years old)
Place of Birth: Lithia Springs, Georgia, U.S.
Gender: Male
Profession: Rapper, singer, songwriter
Nationality: American

Lil Nas X’s net worth

He is a famous American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Lil Nas X’s net worth of $7 million throughout his career. The song “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X perhaps brought him the most attention, as it was one of the first songs to successfully combine rap with country music to create an entirely original sound. Even though the single became popular on TikTok first. It ultimately performed well on the charts in several countries. He had awarded the diamond certification in 2019.

Well known personality

In addition, Lil Nas X is well-known for his prominent position within the LGBTQ community. He revealed his sexual orientation to the general public after the song “Old Town Road” was published. It was a first for any musician enjoying the success of having a record at number one. His coming out elicited a wide range of responses from people. Fans and other musicians congratulated him, while some members of the hip-hop scene voiced their disapproval of his actions. Very few artists working in the hip-hop industry have ever been open about their sexual orientation.

Several significant awards for Nas X

Because of “Old Town Road,” Nas X had honored with several prestigious prizes. He was the male musician with the most nominations for the Grammys in the year 2020, and he ended up winning two Grammys: one for Best Music Video and another for Best Pop Duo Performance. In addition, Nas X had awarded a Country Music Award in addition to his two MTV Video Music Awards. He is the only member of the LGBTQ community who has ever been honored with a Country Music Award. Lil Nas X has widely recognized as among the most prominent individuals on the internet.

Early life

Early Years Montero Lamar Hill began his life on April 9, 1999, in Lithia Springs, Georgia. Lil Nas X was born and raised just outside of Atlanta, and at the age of six, he saw his parents’ divorce. He moved in with his father in Austell, Georgia, when he was nine. His father lived there. Later, he noted that leaving Atlanta helped him avoid “getting in with the wrong crowd” because it prevented him from hanging out with such people. When Montero was a young teenager, he developed a strong interest in online memes.

Homosexuality struggling

Most of Nas X’s teenage years had been spent solitary and on the internet, as he freely confesses. During this time, he had difficulty accepting himself as a homosexual and coming to grips with his sexuality. By the time he was 17, he had come to terms with the fact that he was gay. After graduating high school in 2017, Montero enrolled in one year of classes at the University of West Georgia before deciding not to continue his education there. During this time, he focused on pursuing a career in music, but to make ends meet; he worked at various restaurants and theme parks.


Even though Lil Nas X has always had a strong interest in pursuing a future career in music, he initially gained recognition primarily as an internet personality. The rapper revealed that he had attempted to build a significant following on various social media platforms before achieving success with Twitter. He made this statement in a subsequent interview. Now, more than 2 million people are following him on Twitter, and more than 5 million people subscribed to his channel on YouTube. Lil Nas X’s net worth is $7 million throughout his career.

Social media presence

The process of generating Twitter fan profiles for Nicki Minaj, which Lil Nas X launched in 2017. He had the thing for which Lil Nas X was best known. Twitter banned him for “Tweetdecking,” which refers to the practice of creating several accounts to increase the likelihood of a tweet. He repeatedly violated Twitter’s terms of service. His primary Nicki Minaj fan account had eventually suspended.


Even though he initially denied being connected with the Nicki Minaj fan accounts. He eventually came clean in 2020. Lil admitted that he had hidden the truth because he believed people would assume he was gay after seeing that he had so many accounts dedicated to Nicki Minaj. Nas said that he hid the fact because he had afraid that people would assume he was gay after seeing that he had so many accounts dedicated to Nicki Mi. When these claims first surfaced, he had not come forward to address them. Nicki Minaj later criticized Lil Nas X for concealing that he was a fan of hers while congratulating him on his success.

Career in music

In 2019, Lil Nas X devoted a more significant portion of his time and energy to pursuing a future career in music. New York rapper Nas, began penning and recording songs under the moniker Lil Nas X and took the name. In 2018, he spent thirty dollars to acquire the instrumental for “Old Town Road” from a Dutch producer named YoungKio. Because YoungKio uploaded the song to an online store that offers substantial royalties to producers, this producer was able to make a significant amount of money off of Lil Nas X’s success.

To record a version of “Old Town Road”

He initially recorded “Old Town Road” at a little studio in Atlanta during their “$20 Tuesdays” campaign. It was the first time the song had ever been released. After that, users on TikTok found out about the track and began using it continuously due to the #Yeehaw Challenge. Participants dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls to participate in this internet challenge. The straightforward yet infectious tune about kids riding horses and tractors rose to prominence as a youth culture staple.

Hot Country song

The song performed well on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and the Hot Country Songs chart before it had controversially removed from the former chart because it “did not have enough of a country sound.” Some people interpreted this as a blatant display of racist attitudes. In response to the criticism, a spokesman from Billboard asserted that the decision had been made for reasons unrelated to race. There had multiple song remixes, and Billy Ray Cyrus was featured on one of the most noteworthy versions.

Billy Ray Cyrus had surprised when Lil Nas X presented him with a brand new Maserati. It is following “Old Town Road’s” reign as number one on the Billboard charts for seven weeks. His many social media pages have the video put on them. The song set a new standard by remaining at number one on the Billboard charts for a total of 19 weeks. For Which has a previously unmatched accomplishment.

Sexual orientation

At the beginning of 2019, Lil Nas X made his sexual orientation known to the public. On the very last day of Pride Month, he announced various forms of social media. As a result of the fact that several of his songs alluded to his sexual orientation, both fans and critics had a sneaking suspicion that he was, in fact, a homosexual for quite some time. In an interview that he gave a few days later, he disclosed his sexual orientation as being gay.

While most musicians, artists, fans, reviewers, and casual observers were happy for Lil Nas X, a few individuals did not react kindly to the news. On several social media platforms, he was assaulted by various people. The hip-hop community largely reacted with dislike, and this helped bring attention to the prevalent homophobia in hip-hop culture.


Lil Nas X was born in Montero Lamar Hill on April 9, 1999, close to Atlanta, Georgia. His stage name better knows him. Lil Nas X’s net worth is $7 million throughout his career. He is a rapper, singer, and composer and has been in the media for the past 22 years. He spent one year at the University of West Georgia before pursuing a career in music full-time instead of attending school.

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