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With flowers of all shapes and shades, chrysanthemums add pleasure to any backyard or bouquet. However, they’re not just for display! Each chrysanthemum blossom signifies something special. While people usually use chrysanthemums as symbols of happiness and comfort, the flower’s definition varies depending on your place and the flower color. Join us while we examine chrysanthemum, meaning beginning with Ancient China & continuing throughout the present-day. We’ll split down the symbolism behind each shade so you can order flowers online for every occasion via various online nurseries. We’ll let you know what causes these flowers special and review some of their unique uses below:-

Origin of The Chrysanthemum

One famous primary example of the Chrysanthemum blossom is ancient Chinese documents that record the 15th century B.C. The head was initially utilized as a herbal medicine in ancient China. More ancient proof of this is the Chinese town Chu-Hsien, aptly titled after the flower, which indicates “chrysanthemum center.”

The chrysanthemum flower didn’t gain fame until it made its move to Japan in the 8th century. Since then, it was deemed an essential representation of the Japanese authority, and it became chosen as the emperor’s crest and seal. To this day, there is a carnival in Japan to commemorate the chrysanthemum blossom, called “Kiku no Sekku,” which involves the “Festival of Happiness.”

The Meaning of Chrysanthemums

A Swedish botanist called the chrysanthemum from the Greek terms chrysos, involving gold, & anthemion, flower. The etymology brings over from its Asian invention. The name for chrysanthemum in both Chinese & Japanese is similar to a gold flower. While the purpose behind the flower’s name changes over cultures, the analogy does not. From traditional Asian societies to the present-day U.S, the chrysanthemum has meant everything from life to Sleep.

  • In China, the blossom is one of China’s “Four Gentlemen” (四君子), a prestigious flower group that usually implies altering seasons.
  • In Belgium and other Western European nations like France & Austria, chrysanthemums express death and grief rather than life. They are usually used for funerals and remembering flowers.
  • In the U.S., it has risen in demand since its inception in the colonial period. It is now generally allied with “the Queen of fall flowers”.
  • In Australia, mums are the true blossom of Mother’s Day, aka Mum’s Day. Therefore, you can anticipate seeing a number of these blooms on this holiday.
  • Buddhist monks think that chrysanthemums include Yang energy that adds shine and energy to a home.
  • While chrysanthemums are associated with death in various parts of Europe, this isn’t right in Great Britain. The Brits observe mums as a token of happiness and survival. When chrysanthemums initially appeared in Japan, people saw that the flower’s petals started in excellent order. Therefore, the Japanese started to connect mums with perfection. Chrysanthemums also signify the sun. Japan embraces the flower so much that they have a National Chrysanthemum Day, communicating with the Festival of Happiness. However, white chrysanthemums are associated with death, typically using them as burial flowers and grave ornaments.
  • Throughout the Victorian Era, Europeans saw the chrysanthemum as a token of good luck and friendship. Therefore, buddies and family usually gifted one another mums.

The Colors and Symbolism of the Chrysanthemum

Throughout, it’s interesting to learn of the stories and symbolism connected with the chrysanthemum blossom mythology, and it’s just as necessary to learn what the various colors mean. Chrysanthemums come in an assortment of vibrant shades that have many interpretations:


White chrysanthemums hold multiple meanings. The flower is strictly reserved for consolation and remembrance in some folklore, as white often sends condolences. Though, white chrysanthemums also express purity, innocence, spirituality, loyalty, and honesty. You can send chrysanthemums online via online flowers delivery in chennai services to show your respect towards them.


Like various red flowers, red chrysanthemums express love and passion. If you’re hunting for flowers for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day, get a break from roses and go for red chrysanthemum flowers.


In Japan, pink chrysanthemums are uniquely preferred because they express the emperor and the Royal family. Pink chrysanthemums also symbolize longevity. Pink flowers, in general, convey feelings of gentle affection, charm, and romance, making them an attractive choice for a first date or a new love.


In flowery Victorian traditions, yellow chrysanthemums expressed sorrow and forgotten love – quite contradictory to their lively, cheerful hue.


The orange chrysanthemum analogy falls a bit within that of red and yellow blossoms. They are associated with excitement, joy, and other good feelings.


Violet chrysanthemums send well wishes to their receiver. They’re a great option to include in a floral design for a buddy who’s ill or healing from surgery.


Tiny uncommon, green chrysanthemums signify rebirth, good health, and durability.

Wrap Up

Whether commemorating a special occasion or the virtue of everyday life, you honestly can’t go awry with chrysanthemums. They’re the classic flowers for enhancing a house or office for the vacation season, and with all their special representative meanings, there’s a proper chrysanthemum for considering almost any occasion.

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