Virtual Medical Assistant

How to Hire And Manage Virtual Medical Assistant?

Way To Hire Virtual Medical Assistant

Many health care experts spend most of their time on tasks not related to health care, such as sending emails and administration jobs. You may have a receptionist to handle particular tasks, but you are on your own when dealing with patient follow-up, answering questions over a call, or even during some non-clinical advice. Yes, you can appoint a personal assistant who manages these tasks for you.

If you think it is expensive and want a cost-effective alternative. So there is a cost-effective alternative present; the health care sector has seen rapid technological advancements in the past few years. You can appoint a virtual medical assistant to help and manage your workload. Below are the details you need to know about virtual medical assistants and a few tips to handle them effectively.

What Is a Medical Virtual Assistant?

A person who works from home and can help you with routine tasks such as handling the front office, setting patient appointments, and patient engagement. Unlike traditional assistants, virtual assistants work from home, and their salary is easy to afford. So there are questions about why you should appoint them. Appointing a virtual medical assistant can be a great addition to your in-house medical team, particularly if you are initiating your private practice and cannot afford a full-time assistant.

Some virtual assistants have a nursing background and HIPAA training, which can be helpful since they can manage specific medical tasks such as medical transcriptions and live charting. However, they need not always be a person. With the technological advancement in artificial intelligence, you can also select Al-based health care or virtual assistants.

An AL-based assistant is a computer program that utilizes and understands natural spoken language to interact with experts in the medical industry. It uses machine learning, neural networks, speech recognition, and deep learning to behave as a clone of humans as feasible. If you want to appoint them, Portiva Transcription provides you.

Al VAs are the same as voice-enabled assistants like Alexa; however, they have particular medical features that permit them open to:

  • Access to EHR (electronic health records.)
  • Establish appointment times.
  • Reorder prescription drugs, among other things.

So, what Tasks do Virtual Medical Assistant Do?

The assistant performs the following tasks:

Administrative Tasks

You may not understand it initially, but managerial tasks take much of your time. Many jobs need to be done daily in the clinic, from scheduling patient appointments to converting their physical records to digital ones. Your assistant can handle all these tasks and maintain a smooth workflow. Some essential duties include:

  • The conversion of paper health history forms to digital versions.
  • Controlling EMR (Electronic Medical Records.)
  • Making appointments for patients.
  • Checking insurance records.

The billing of healthcare services.

The efficient completion of these tasks is essential because they are vital to patient care.

Patient Support

Patients may have a few questions which they may forget to ask during the checkup. Call, text messages, and emails, are some ways in which they communicate these queries. In addition, virtual medical assistants provided by Portiva pay attention to patients that are physically present or tasks that require to be done individually. Here are the few patient support tasks done by the assistant:

  • Offering support to patients via email, messaging, online chats, etc.
  • Responding to common patient inquiries.
  • Handling requests for prescription refills.
  • Informing patients of upcoming appointments, etc.

Technical And Creative Tasks

A lot of the virtual assistants have better technical knowledge, and some of them even have expertise in content writing. Utilizing these skills to enhance your online presence with the help of your widened reach and grow your healthcare practice. For example, you can get the following tasks done from them.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Handling your social media account
  • Developing related and engaging content for your website or social media.
  • Helping with IT support when needed.

While this expertise may not be compulsory for a health care setup, having them benefits your practice.

How to Appoint A Virtual Medical Assistant?

The capability to pay attention to detail is one of the most crucial qualities of any virtual assistant, especially one in the healthcare industry. Compassionate patient information is widely used in the healthcare industry (such as laboratory reports, diagnosis, treatment information, etc.) A small error could have severe repercussions for both you and your patients. The following qualities are essential in an assistant: a strong work ethic, professionalism, proactiveness, trainability, and efficiency.

Smart Tips

Clearly State Your Expectations

You should define your virtual assistant’s duties and responsibilities like any other employee. It means that to avoid any misunderstandings on either end, you should demonstrate to them how to carry out a specific task.

Keep in Touch Everyday

The secret to a productive and successful clinical workflow is regular communication. To stay in touch with your virtual assistant at all times, you can use various communication tools.

Observe output and performance

You can simply watch the activity of a virtual assistant using various tools, just like other remote workers. These tools help to keep an eye on:

  • How many hours per day does the virtual assistant work?
  • Time spent on each project or task.
  • Websites accessed throughout business hours.

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