Network marketing


Introduction to Network Marketing

Network marketing or multi-level network marketing (MLM) is a marketing method that uses independent sales representatives to reach a wide range of networks, where traditional methods such as traditional online or offline advertising do not work. Will this is a very popular business opportunity for those looking for flexible part-time jobs.

Hundreds of companies use this method, including well-known brands such as Avon, Tupperware and Mary Kay Cosmetics: these companies and their affiliates hire a ‘sales force’, just as insurance companies have for years are doing, and they use it. Reach out to networks of individuals such as friends and family.

Why Do Businesses Use Network Marketing?

It’s simple, they need to reach your network, influence your family and friends, and traditional advertising methods are limited. You’ll have an easier time trusting a new brand if a friend or family member recommends it, and that’s what makes these programs so effective.

The styles of services and products protected in network advertising and marketing programs can vary from nutrition, finance, common unique, and internet get right of entry to, electric powered power, weight loss, etc. Word-of-mouth marketing is too powerful to ignore and because it is not as expensive as the alternatives. Companies are willing to pay you to spread the word, spending millions of dollars each year on complex marketing campaigns.

A number of marketing network companies operate as some form of different level of marketing stage, In which the employer gives a product or service and assigns dealers to sell it. This setup allows sales reps to earn commissions by selling products, and recruiting new reps, and growing their small network.

Direct marketing works in a similar fashion, where a product line is marketed, and the company invests in a variety of marketing materials, including training and tools, to help new investors succeed. The commission largely depends on the number of items sold during a period and products can be sold in large quantities if there is an existing market to tap into.

Different types of networks

There is a different structure of Network Marketing

1. Unilevel Structure

This system allows you to earn from your frontline and it doesn’t limit the number of people you can sign up. It’s a very old system and it’s certainly not the most profitable, but it promotes cross-line competition, which means more potential for expansion.

2. Stair Step Breakaway Plan

Perfect for the aggressive marketer, this plan is perfect if you have a lot of time to devote to sales. The higher up the ladder you go, the more isolated you are from your up line, and eventually you will only have people on your down line, which means people will stop earning from you. . If for example, you were to split at step 7, your up line would no longer earn from you, and you would receive all the commissions from anyone below you.

3. Binary system

This system is popularized by Quest net and requires a lot of dedication to earn from it. With this plan, you only get two down lines and new sign-ups are automatically under your down line. For then the earning of money you can get from both. So when choosing this type of plan, try to get one where you can take extra points from the less active binary side.

4. Forced matrix plan

The system aims to promote teamwork and allows newcomers to join forces with fellow members to earn higher commissions. Because it has a defined frontline, the system allows members to focus on signing more people to earn higher levels.

Way to Get Right Network Marketing Business

If you got into network marketing a few years ago, there were very few companies doing it and back then people didn’t spend weeks trying to find the right type of marketing business. But that’s not the case today and you have to have the right company to have any kind of success. There are literally thousands of companies available and new ones popping up every other week, so choosing the right one won’t be easy.

One of the ways many people get into network marketing is to have a friend or family member introduce them to a company but often this is not the best way as the company may not be a good fit for them. The result, more often than not, is a disappointment, failure, or moderate success. All of these can be avoided

How to present and sell your product

When starting network marketing you may be told to aggressively pursue everyone you know, and that everyone wants the products you are selling. Your upline may insist that you go after your family and friends and buy the product from them even if they think they need it. The problem with this strategy is that it is completely wrong and is one of the many reasons why some people fail in this business.


One of the main issues is the truth that every community marketer wants to keep away from pain, take pleasure in pleasure and find the direction with the least resistance and sail all the way to Financial Freedom. The idea right here is that you could discover three humans on your personal little community of pals and own family, recruit them, and have the three human beings locate 3 more people each and so forth;

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