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How to Write an Essay Outline in an Effective way | Guidelines & Examples

An essay outline is a method of organizing your essay’s structure before you begin writing. It involves writing succinct summary sentences or phrases for each point you’ll cover in each paragraph to give you a sense of w your argument will develop.

Before you begin writing an essay, you may be required to submit an essay outline as a separate assignment. However, even if you aren’t required to turn one in, writing an outline is still a good idea. An essay outline is a  visual representation of an essay, as we mentioned above. It condenses the paragraphs of the essay into its main ideas so that readers can quickly skim it. An essay outline serves more than just your readers’  interests;

it also aids in your visualization of the finished essay before you start writing it. This can make it simpler for you to choose the best method of paragraph transitions and the best arrangement for your supporting paragraphs. Your outline can help you get back on track if you find yourself confused while writing your essay.

Index of the content

Putting your information in order

Your ideas are usually not fully developed when you are preparing an essay outline. The next step is to organize your thoughts into a coherent argument. You should already be familiar with your subject and have conducted some preliminary research to identify relevant sources. It helps you to produce your work as the best essay writer.

Developing Categories

Consider the main argument you want to convey in the essay; this will form the basis of your thesis statement. Review any facts, quotations, and thoughts you have written down from your research. You may start arranging your information so that it supports your argument once you have a general notion of what it is that you want to say.

Try classifying your sources that are connected to various aspects of your argument. In a history essay, it can be a few significant trends or turning points from the era you’re examining. If you’re writing a  literary piece, you might organize your ideas into themes. The typical format for essays includes three primary ideas or subjects. You might divide the themes into three body paragraphs, or three larger sections with numerous paragraphs covering each theme, depending on how lengthy the essay is.

Order of information

Think about the order they should appear once you’ve divided your material into various categories.

The body of your essay will always be organized by you, but it will always have an introduction and a conclusion.

To arrange your material, think about the following questions:

  • Does your argument have a clear beginning point?

∙ Does one topic make it simple to transition from one to the other? ∙ Is it necessary to explain other things beforehand to set up some points?

Presentation of the outline

You will address a single idea connected to your general topic or argument in each paragraph, supporting your ideas with a variety of examples or analyses. You list these topics in your outline as a few concise, numbered sentences or phrases.

When further specifics are required, they can be divided into sub-points.

Remove the extraneous material

Every writing technique and possible source of information was taken into consideration throughout the brainstorming process. It’s time to read through your brainstorming notes and select the ideas that will help you accomplish your essay’s objective the most successfully. Anticipate how each of the facts you mentioned supports the claim you are making. If you have a concise response to that question. This procedure of analysis will provide outstanding essay writing help.

Example Of a Persuasive Essay

Competitive Swimming Is the Best Sport for Kids


Start your argumentative essay outline by presenting your persuasive argument or by establishing your point of view.

Thesis: A great alternative to other kids’ activities is competitive swimming. Body Paragraph 1

In your argumentative essay outline, introduce your main persuasive argument and give examples to support it.

Topic Sentence: The benefits of competitive swimming are similar to those of other sports.

Detail Sentence 1: It is a beneficial activity that strengthens the muscles.

Detail Sentence 2: It encourages teamwork among players, particularly during relays.

Body Paragraph 2

Include a supplementary argument and details to support it.

Topic sentence: Competitive swimming provides some special additional benefits.

Detail Sentence 1: Swimming is an important skill that can be used forever. 2: Injury risk is diminished when swimming.

 3: It is simple for each swimmer to track their personal development.


Finish your essay by summarizing your main points and supporting evidence.  Before writing your outline and first draught, it’s a wonderful idea to brainstorm specifics that support your point of view.

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