Lori Anne Allison

Lori Anne Allison, a Celebrity Makeup Artist’s life

The Life of Celebrity Makeup Artist Lori Anne Allison

This article will tell you about the life of Lori Anne Allison, a famous make-up artist, and celebrity spouse. She was the make-up artist who introduced Johnny Depp and Nicolas Cage. She is also a social media influencer and an author. Find out what makes her tick. And what makes her so loved by her fans? Keep reading to learn more. Here are a few fun facts about Lori Anne Allison.

She is a professional make-up artist

Lori Anne Allison was a child when she first learned about make-up. At the age of eight, she used a doll to model new styles. As a teenager, she worked in a makeup boutique. She later became a professional make-up artist and started working with actors like Christina Applegate and Adam Ant. After earning her license, she began doing makeup for TV shows. Eventually, Lori became a household name and is considered one of the most talented makeup artists.

Throughout her career, Lori has met many inspiring people who have influenced her artistic vision. It is not known where she studied, but it is likely she attended a reputable institution in her hometown. In fact, she has even been a brand endorser for makeup artists, including Christina Applegate. At fifteen, she began applying make-up on celebrities on the red carpet. But it wasn’t until the encouragement of Adam Ant and Christina Applegate that she began to develop her skills as a make-up artist.

While there were several reports that her life was in danger, her appearance and overall health are both excellent. While her withdrawal from social media is a personal choice, her dedication to building her career and business remains strong. She has two businesses – Serendipity Lip Glosses and D’Cups. But her biggest passion is being a makeup artist. In addition to a career in film and TV, Allison also owns several cosmetics lines.

Besides making people look beautiful, Lori Anne Allison is an animal lover and has two dogs. Lori Anne Allison fosters dogs and advocates for finding them a forever home. She also owns a business called D’Cups, also has a cousin named Rick Jason who is of North American heritage. She has a close friendship with Michael Parks. Lori Anne Allison also has a blog, Glamour Path.

Lori Anne Allison introduced Johnny Depp to Nicolas Cage

Before the two actors ever met, her former wife of Depp, Lori Ann Allison, had never heard of Nicolas Cage. The two met in Florida while preparing for Roman Polanski’s ‘Ninth Gate.’ After meeting in a restaurant, they became friends and fell in love. They have two children, Lily-Rose and Jack. The children have given Depp a reason to care.

Both were working as makeup artists, and Lori Anne Allison was a professional make-up artist. In 1983, Johnny Depp met Nicolas Cage, who recommended him for the role of the bassist in A Nightmare on Elm Street. The two were able to work together and Depp landed his first leading role. However, their relationship was doomed when their careers became successful. The couple divorced in 1985.

After their marriage, the two actors moved to Los Angeles, where they continued their careers. Lori’s connections in the film industry helped them land the role of Nightmare on Elm Street. After their divorce, Lori went on to work with Bonnie Raitt and Cloris Leachman. She also launched a lip gloss line called Serendipity. However, the company seems to be closed now.

After the divorce, Depp met Nick Cage for the first time in his career. He was soon cast in the movie ‘Frankenstein.’ Their relationship lasted three and a half years, and their romance ended in divorce. Their love for each other continued after their divorce and the two split in 1986. During this time, Depp was rumored to have an affair with actress Sherilyn Fenn.

She is a social media influencer

If you’re curious about Lori Anne Allison’s height and weight, you’re in luck. This aspiring make-up artist hasn’t disclosed this information yet, but she stands at five feet, nine inches. She has medium-length black hair and brown eyes. Despite the lack of body measurements, Allison does wear a size four US. Lori is a non-active user of social media sites and doesn’t seem to have an account on any of them.

Born in 1957, Lori was raised in the United States by her parents. As of May 2022, her parents are unknown. She has a younger sister named Suzanne Allison. Her parents’ occupation is unknown, but Lori is fit and healthy. She spends a lot of time with her family and friends. She also has a cousin, Rick Jason, who is an actor. It’s unclear if Allison is a mother or a wife.

Her parents are Christian, although her father has not yet been disclosed. The name of her mother and father are not known. There’s no information on her siblings. Lori married actor Johnny Depp in 1983, but the two later divorced. They have no children together. However, she’s still working in the world of social media. She has several other business ventures in addition to her influence on the media.

Although she’s a social media influencer, her net worth is unknown. However, her career in the arts has accumulated a significant amount of wealth for her. Her Facebook page may be private, or her privacy settings may have been changed. However, it’s impossible to determine her exact net worth as she hasn’t revealed this information on her profile. While she’s not open about her wealth, Allison does seem to be financially stable and independent, which is something to be admired.

She is a celebrity spouse

Lori Anne Allison was born on 6 September 1957 in Miami, Florida, United States. She belongs to the Christian religion and celebrates her birthday on the 6th of September every year. After completing her basic education at Abbott High School, Allison enrolled at Miami Dade College and began her career as a professional make-up artist. Lori was raised by her parents, who were American citizens. After graduation, she worked as a make-up artist and soon earned her first big break in television.

After meeting Johnny Depp, Allison went on to study make-up and became a professional artist. Her relationship with the actor started when the two were in a band together. She worked for the band while Johnny was still in school and she met Depp through that connection. The couple married in 1983 but separated two years later after their irreconcilable differences. The couple has three children together. Allison is an artist who has worked with many famous people, including many of Hollywood’s most famous stars.

The couple’s relationship with Johnny Depp drew a lot of attention. Allison was a make-up artist before becoming a celebrity spouse and worked with many notable actors and actresses. She has a small business, D’Cups, in Miami. However, she does not participate in social media, which is probably her personal choice. However, Lori Anne Allison is healthy and her relationship with Johnny Depp is far from over.

In her spare time, Allison fosters dogs. She also co-authored a book about celebrity pets and has contributed to a short story book called For Sale: Baby Shoes Never Worn. She has also acted in films such as Stand Up for Cancer, The Ultimate Lie, and the Supreme Court of Comedy. Despite these accomplishments, Allison has been involved in numerous controversial roles. Despite being a celebrity spouse, she continues to foster dogs in her spare time.

She has defended Johnny Depp

Lori Anne Allison, the former wife of Johnny Depp, has come out in support of her husband and his actions in the recent lawsuit against Amber Heard. She told TMZ that Depp was a “soft person” who never physically abused Amber Heard. Allison told TMZ that she is proud to say that Depp never abused her sister, even when she was underage. In the book, she claims that Depp never hit or abused her sister.

In addition to being married to Depp for decades, Allison is an animal lover and fosters dogs. Lori Anne Allison co-authored a book, Gimme Shelter, about Hollywood stars and their dogs, and Johnny Depp contributed to the foreword. She has also contributed to short stories published in For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn, and Gimme Shelter. Lori Anne Allison has also been vocal about the allegations against Depp, including accusations of domestic abuse and child molestation against him. She is defending Depp alongside Paradis.

In the interview, Allison said that Depp was a “soft person” and she was a “rebel” too. The two did not make it work and divorced in 1985, citing irreconcilable differences. She now goes by the name Lori Depp and defends her husband, and she has even been seen saying nice things about him. This makes the interview with Allison all the more remarkable.

In 1983, Johnny Depp and Allison were married in South Florida. They met while Depp was in a band, The Kids. Although Depp only achieved moderate success as a musician, the relationship was romantic. The couple met again as adults, and Allison later became partially deaf. She wanted to pursue a career in the music industry. During this time, Depp introduced her to Nicolas Cage, who later got Depp the role in Nightmare on Elm Street.

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