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The Best Guest Posts Service to Launch Your Blog – A Beginners Guide

Whether you are new to blogging or have been at it for a while, sooner or later you will want to start getting guest posts on your website. Doing this can help you establish your online presence and grow your audience.

More than that, having guest posts on your blog will also help you build backlinks. If you don’t know yet, backlinks are the links pointing to other websites from yours to improve their SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

In other words, they are like recommendations from other sites about your content that can make people more likely to click on them when they try to find information about what you have written. Therefore, if you want to increase your authority as a blogger and attract quality search engine results for your blog posts, then guest posting is something that you should seriously consider doing.

What is Guest posting?

Guest posting is when someone publishes an article on your blog under their name or username.

You can then use that article to get backlinks from other websites. You can do this either by publishing the article on your site or linking to the source. In this article, we are talking about guest posting with other bloggers or website owners.

You can’t guest post to your website or your name because that isn’t guest posting. It is a guest posting to someone else’s blog.

When starting as a blogger, one of your goals is most likely to boost your website’s search engine ranking. Guest posts are one of the best ways to accomplish this!

Different types of Guest Posting

-Original – In this, the author of the guest post is from your website. You can either ask them to contribute to your blog or you can send them a request for them to contribute. -Reviewed – In this, the author has published an article on your blog.

You can then republish that article on your site or link to the source. -Collaborative – In this, two or more authors contribute to the same article on your site. Then use these articles to get backlinks. -Allocated – In this, you have a set number of articles per month. You can choose any of these articles to publish on your site.

Which Guest Posts Should You Ask For?

There are tons of guest posting services online. But which ones are worth your time and effort? -Guest posts for established sites with good ranking. -Guest posts for authoritative blogs with high authority. -Guest posts for high-trafficked blogs. -Guest posts for high-quality sites that have good content. -Guest posts for high-trafficked sites with high-quality content.

Finding the best guest blogging opportunities

When you are looking for guest post opportunities, make sure to do your research. That way, you can find high-quality, relevant links that will help you build your blog’s authority. You can get guest post links from websites that are related to your niche, your target audience, or the topics you write about.

But you have to be careful not to submit to guest post sites that are too similar to your own. If you are new to guest posting and are not sure where to start, there are a few online tools that can help you find potential guest post opportunities.

Guest Post Submit – This tool will show you a list of different sites that are accepting guest posts. You can filter these sites by topics similar to your own. -Guest blogging directories – If you are looking for guest post opportunities from top websites, then you can also use online directories. These directories will show you websites that are looking to have their articles published on other blogs.

Steps to take when finding guest post opportunities

– Research the types of guest posts you want to publish on other sites. – Look for guest post opportunities in your niche or related topics. – Set up meetings with sites that are open to guest posting. – Write guest post proposals and pitch them. – Edit guest posts and republish them when ready. – Repurpose the same article on other sites. – Track the results of your guest posts. – Find ways to build links back to your site. – Make sure you are engaging with your readers and keeping conversations alive in your community.


Guest posting is a great way to build backlinks and get links to your site. With guest posts, you can earn free backlinks to your site for sharing other people’s articles. But before you start looking for guest post opportunities, you need to know what guest posting is and how it can benefit you.

Guest posting is a great way to get backlinks and build authority for your blog. There are many different ways to find guest posts, from online directories to seeking out blogs in your niche. Now that you know what guest posting is, you can start finding opportunities to get backlinks. With the right tools and research, finding guest post opportunities is easier than ever.

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