Septic Tank Riser

What should you know about Septic Tank Risers?

Septic Tank Riser

When it comes to learning about a septic system. You must focus on how to care for it. There is no shortage of resources determining what you must know about it. If you have an older septic tank system, you may want to know what a septic tank riser is. The older method is generally installed where you have difficulty understanding its exact location. It has been buried for fifteen to twenty years with no emergency call for repair or pumping.

With more recent septic systems, septic tank risers are now frequently installed. Septic tank risers make it simple to access your septic system from the ground and improve your ability to monitor its operation. Despite not receiving much attention, they play a significant role in your septic system. This article will review how to properly maintain your septic tank risers and determine when to upgrade or repair them.

What is a Septic Tank Riser?

A septic tank riser spreads from the surface of your yard to your septic tank underground—the riser links to the septic tank at the pump-out beginnings or access port. Septic tank risers have covers that anyone can remove to analyze or pump your septic tank without digging into the yard. Septic tanks must be to withstand essentials. Mostly, they have materials that take a long time to degrade, such as concrete or plastic. Risers almost always come with the latest septic tank installations, but many houses with septic systems made in the last decade did not come with risers.

What are the Benefits of Risers?

Most septic systems and septic contractors suggest that you pump your septic system every three to five years. Usually, this means digging up your yard before the pump and reburying the tank afterward. Unfortunately, if the septic tank is not where the contractor expected, it means twice as much labor to dig out a new hole and locate the tank. With a septic tank, a riser can decrease the work in pumping your septic tank. Your contractor will quickly have to eliminate the secure lid of the riser and run a pump hose into it to access your tank. Since the riser is apparent above the surface of your yard, it also provides excellent notice to locate your septic tank the first time.

How much does a Riser Cost?

Septic tank risers are not only suitable, but they are also cost-effective if you plan to say in your house for several years. Plastic septic tank risers, parts, and labor cost three hundred to four hundred dollars. Concrete risers are the most reliable but also more costly, and the price will depend on the quote you get from the installation contractor.

The up-front price of a septic tank riser is not minor, but it will more than pay for itself in the years to come. Labor costs make up a significant part of what contractors charge for septic system analysis and pumping, so having a riser could potentially eliminate the future of price septic service in half.

Common Issues with Septic Tank System

Your tank risers should be regularly inspected to ensure they are working correctly and don’t need to be repaired, just like every other part of your septic system. The damage caused by the lawnmower when homeowners run over or bump into the riser is the most frequent problem we see with septic risers. Make sure anyone taking care of your lawn knows where the risers are and how important it is to avoid running over them with tools, such as lawnmowers, weed eaters, and the like.

When should you install a Riser?

Every house can benefit from a septic tank riser, but that does not mean you must install one today. Since your septic tank must be dug out any way to mount a riser. They are only beneficial when your system needs examination or pumping. Most homeowners wait until their next septic pumping before installing a riser. It permits the pump and riser installation to be done in one step.

Also, analyze your septic system before installing a riser. A riser must be a long-term investment. So you want to ensure that your tank is in good working order before installing one. No one likes to update their system with a riser. The tank will need replacing within the following year. A septic tank riser is a simple concept that can save money and irritation for septic system maintenance.

If your septic system needs a riser or any other service, contact Sep-tech, which also provides septic tank locator service. We look forward to hearing from you and answering all your queries about what your septic system requires. Please let us know if we can assist you and your septic system today.

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