Read Terms and Conditions before You Start writing For Us

  • Write the content keeping in mind all the guidelines of Google.
  • The headline should be unique and catchy, and the content should be on-page optimized.
  • Content should not be duplicate.
  • The minimum length of the content should be 500 words.
  • Images used in the content should not be copyrighted.
  • Use LSI keywords. (Use LSI graph to generate keywords.)
  • The title of the article must be H1 and it will contain the keyword.
  • The first paragraph also contains a focus keyword and shouldn’t longer the 150 words.
  • The sentence length of the article should be less than 20 words.
  • A 1000 word article must contain 3-4 H2 and 2-3 H3.
  • The text length from one heading to another will not be more than 300 words.
  • The passive voice should be less than 10%
  • The keyword density in the article is 1% (10 time in 1000 words).
  • Please do not post the same article on other guest blogging sites; if you do we’ll remove it immediately from our website.

You can send your article to or you can contact us if you have any queries before writing.